We provide an enriched learning environment that is designed to give students an advantage at achieving a pilot career. Our founders created DCFA with the idea that getting to the airline of your choice as quickly as possible and with airline-like training is paramount. The idea of a “pilot factory” is not conducive to good learning. Rather, superior training with airline -focused flight instructors will provide our students with the necessary skills to operate transport category airliners safely and efficiently. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff who are always eager to learn, create, and grow together. Give us a call if you need more information at (719) 208-7049.

Who we are

Direct Connect Flight Academy is an all-inclusive program that takes you from your first flight hour through the Commercial, Multi-engine rating. You’ll learn to fly with industry veterans not 250 hour “students” themselves.

Captain Ready!

When you choose DCFA as your flight school, you can expect an efficient, accelerated curriculum that will prepare you for your flying career. It’s not good enough to simply gain flight hours. As a pilot who is preparing to fly for a major airline, you need experience as a crew dealing with real world challenges. Our training program employs, Line Oriented Scenarios (LOS) airlines use to train and evaluate flight crews, to your initial training and continues throughout your ratings. With the incorporation of these scenarios, you will learn Crew Resource Management (CRM). CRM is an airline industry standard philosophy which aims to broaden a crew’s thought process when confronted with normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. When you graduate DCFA you can be assured you’ll have the knowledge and skills required to begin your airline career.

Getting to your first job

Boeing recently said “Over the next 20 years, North America will require 117,000 new pilots”.  DCFA has a full FAA Approved, Part 141 program to help you achieve this dream!

Our founders, Our Story, Our Commitment to your success

The founders of Direct Connect Flight Academy, (left to right) Ben Dwyer, Frank Schultz, and Keith Hawbaker

Our founders are all current aviation professionals working for major airlines, each one of them with thousands of hours in commercial airline operations and 121 training.

With the combined experience of our founders and the entire DCFA team, your success and dream of becoming an airline pilot can become a reality. We pride our selves in providing the guidance, training, and leadership to ensure success to all of our students.


The first step

Call us at (719) 208-7049 or tell us a little about your self and one of our team members will reach out to you with the specific program information you need.

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